Summer Reading Challenge!

Summer Reading Challenge!

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We have a reading challenge for younger readers of all abilities this summer: eight books in eight weeks, can you read them all?

There are three categories:

Early Readers

  • Willow the Wildcat, Lynne Rickards
  • Jamie & Angus, Anne Fine
  • Bad Food: the Good, the Bad and the Hungry, Eric Luper
  • A Pig Called Lollipop, Dick King Smith
  • The Honeybee Treasure Hunt, Emma Beswetherick
  • Panda In The Spotlight, Sarah Horne
  • Rex: Dinosaur In Disguise, Elys Dolan
  • Velda The Awesomest Viking and the Ginormous Frost Giants, David MacPhail

Independent Readers

  • Looking for Emily, Fiona Longmuir
  • Dragon Legend, Katie & Kevin Tsang
  • By Rowan and Yew, Melissa Harrison
  • Where Seagulls Dare, Anthony Horowitz
  • Treehouse Tales, Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton
  • Bunny vs Monkey: Rise of the Maniacal Badger, Jamie Smart
  • The Legendarium, Jennifer Bell
  • The Colour Of Hope, Ross MacKenzie

Older Readers

  • Nick and Charlie, Alice Oseman
  • Reluctant Rebel, Barbara Henderson
  • Like a Charm, Elle McNicol
  • Redwall, Brian Jacques
  • Orion Lost, Alistair Chisholm
  • While the Storm Rages, Phil Earle
  • Stone of Destiny, Caroline Logan
  • Good Omens, Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman

All books available at the discounted price of £5

Prizes for everyone who reads all eight books in their chosen category, prizes also available for anyone who submits a review of any of the books!

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