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  • July 2018


    Days of Awe, A.M. Holmes

    ISBN: 9781847083258

    The first book since the award-winning May We Be Forgiven, I devoured this book of short stories from the master of the form. Sometimes a writer just keeps getting better and happily this is true of AM Holmes. Perfect for taking on holiday – the mixture of joy, shock and wonderfully written characters are in full supply.

    Every Third Thought, Robert McCrum

    ISBN: 9781509815296

    Books about mortality, grief memoirs and discussions on how we deal with death in this country are enjoying a moment, but it is hard to think of a more thoughtful example than Robert McCrum’s Every Third Thought. McCrum faced his own mortality early when he suffered a stroke in his forties. This unsentimental look at how we deal with our own fate will make everyone reconsider how they’re living their lives.

    Give Me Your Hand, Megan Abbott

    ISBN: 9781509855681

    An excellent addition to the psychological thriller shelf just in time for summer reading. Diane and Kit were best friends, united in their dreams of making it big. Until Diane revealed a secret that destroyed their relationship. Now Kit has made it, but Diane could take it all away. Maybe they aren’t so different after all? This will have readers gripped from the first to the last unexpected twist.

    Spinning Silver, Naomi Novik

    ISBN: 9781509899012

    Naomi Novik is one of my favourite fantasy writers. Her Temeraire series is one I happily return to and her adult re-imagining of Sleeping Beauty, Uprooted, was a real treat. In Spinning Silver, there are more fairy tales interwoven into the story of Miryem and her impoverished family. Her abilities may hold the key to escaping their misery, but they also attract the Fairy King and place everyone she loves in danger. This is a fabulous novel.

    Why Mummy Swears, Gill Sims

    ISBN: 9780008284213

    We were blown away by the popularity of Peter and Jane blogger Gill Sims’ first novel, Why Mummy Drinks. Our event with her sold out in 12 hours, a record for us! This new novel picks up where Why Mummy Drinks left off and is full of hilarious new mishaps with the precious moppets, as well as a glamourous new stepmother and a truly awful Christmas Fayre. It is any wonder mummy swears?



    Ballet Bunnies, Lucy Freegard

    ISBN: 9781843653707

    This is a delightful story about a bunny who loves to perform at home, but loses her nerve in class. Watching Betty grow in confidence will help others who love to dance learn to enjoy doing it everywhere. The liberal sprinkles of glitter help too!

    Cyril and Pat, Emily Gravett

    ISBN: 9781509857272

    Cyril and Pat are a squirrel and a rat! Their unlikely friendship forms the basis of this charming story told in rhyme by the award-winning writer Emily Gravett. Despite everyone in the park telling Cyril and Pat they shouldn’t be friends, the pair discover life is more fun when people are a bit different. Just lovely.

    The First Book of the Sea, Nicola Davies

    ISBN 9781406368956

    Nicola Davies’ books are always thoughtfully filled with important ecological messages and interesting facts about the environment in which we live. For the First Books of the Sea, she has teamed up with illustrator Emily Sutton in the award-winning partnership that brought us The First Book of Nature and Tiny among others. This beautiful new book looks at all things seaside, just in time for the summer holidays.

    Never Say Die, Anthony Horowitz

    ISBN: 9781406378672

    The latest in the perennially popular Alex Rider series sees the teenage spy return to try and unpick the traumatic events which unfolded in Scorpia Rising. Alex receives news which may change his life forever – he still has a chance to find Jack – and he embarks on his deadliest mission yet. Another book has now been confirmed, so it looks like Rider still has some way left to run.

    You’re Called What?!, Kes Gray

    ISBN: 9781509821440

    A new picture book from Kes Gray is always going to be a welcome addition to the shelves. In You’re Called What?!, some of the more unusually named animals get an outing, including Blue-Footed Boobies and the amazingly named Monkeyfaced Prickleback. Prepare to gawp at the facts packed onto every page, it retains the rhyming charm of the Oi… series to help it along too.