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  • October 2016


    Alice in Wonderland Great Puzzle Box, Richard Wok Galland

    ISBN: 9781780978659

    One of the most enduring pleasures of Alice in Wonderland are the riddles and games set throughout by CS Lewis. In this beautiful gift box, some of the more intriguing puzzles are included for any budding Alice fans to enjoy. I cannot think of a better gift this Christmas!

    First World War in 100 Objects, Peter Doyle

    ISBN: 9780750968485

    This beautiful looking book offers a unique perspective on the history of the First World War, recounting the action through the use of objects including a brooch, weapons, vehicles and even barbed wire. Like Anatomy of a Soldier, or Neil McGregor’s Germany: Memories of a Nation, this is a fresh way of looking at the most written about conflict in human history.

    Nightmare in Berlin, Hans Fallada

    ISBN: 9781925228380

    Following the huge success of Alone in Berlin comes the only other post-war novel written by Hans Fallada. It begins on the day the war ends and follows the story of a couple who return to Berlin to try and resume their lives in a devastated city. It’s not just physical devastation that they must contend with however, as the enormous weight of collective guilt settles on the German people. Simply a stunning novel.

    Salt is Essential, Shaun Hill

    ISBN: 9780857833389

    Shaun Hill has been a chef for fifty years and in this sumptuous book he shares not just his experience, but his opinions. This is a cookbook for home cooks who don’t take themselves too seriously, with some seriously delicious recipes. It’ll make a great Christmas present for anyone with a good sense of taste!

    Terranuats, T.C. Boyle

    ISBN: 9781408881750

    Eight terranauts are selected to enter a biodome for two years to see how viable a mission to Mars would be. How will they cope with the isolation, the lack of freedom and each other? With his usual acerbic wit and sly observations, in Terranauts I don’t think T.C. Boyle has ever been better. This is a cracking novel about the human condition.



    The Christmas Eve Tree, Delia Huddy & Emily Sutton

    ISBN: 9781406365955

    This was our biggest hardback seller in 2015, now in paperback I think we’ll do even better this year. It’s a timeless story that every family will enjoy reading on Christmas Eve. Beautifully illustrated by Emily Sutton, this is a true modern classic guaranteed to get anyone in the Christmas spirit.

    The Royal Rabbits of London, Santa Montefiore & Simon Sebag Montefiore

    ISBN: 9781471157868

    Much fanfare heralds this gorgeous little book – the first collaboration between husband and wife dream team Santa & Simon Sebag Montefiore. Shylo is the runt of the litter, always picked on for his weakness, but when he learns of a diabolical plot by the ratzis to take a photo of the Queen in her knickers, he must get to London to stop them! Huge amounts of fun, I can’t wait for the film!

    The Secrets of Nightingale Wood, Lucy Strange

    ISBN 9781910655030

    Following the death of her brother, Henry and her family move to a new house to start again. The house is strange, but something even stranger is concealed in Nightingale Wood at the bottom of the garden. With the help of the fairy tale characters in her head, Henry might just be able to save her family after all. Set just after the First World War, this is a classic adventure tale with some magic thrown in – ideal for younger readers who like Emma Carroll or Francis Hardinge.

    Stealing Snow, Danielle Page

    ISBN 9781408872932

    Snow has been in an institution since she was 5 years old after she tried to walk to another place through a mirror, taking her best friend with her. Her head is filled with fairy tales and her anger is cold as ice. But what if her dreams aren’t the product of her imagination at all, but visions of an alternative reality she has been stolen from? This is a gripping YA novel perfect for cold autumn nights.

    Troll Stinks, Jeanne Willis & Tony Ross

    ISBN 9781783444434

    Willis & Ross return with another timely collaboration, this time taking on internet trolls. Two naughty goats find a phone and send some horrible messages to a troll because everyone knows trolls stink, but when they meet her, she’s not quite what they imagined. Striking illustration and an engrossing story mean this book is ideal for tackling the issues of online bullying with younger readers.