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  • August 2016


    Avocado, Lucy Jessop

    ISBN: 9780857833785

    I’ve always loved avocado – its creamy rich texture feels very indulgent and like a special treat, even when simply spread on toast. Nowadays it seems like avocados are everywhere, so Lucy Jessop’s beautiful new recipe book will come in very handy! Packed full of recipes from savoury to sweet, I can’t wait to try them all!

    The Comet Seekers, Helen Sedgwick

    ISBN: 9781910701737

    Two lives, a thousand years apart, are linked by the appearance of comets. This extraordinary novel begins with Roisin and Francois meeting for the first time in the vast snowy expanse of Antartica and then loops back to reveal their very different lives. Perfect for fans of Jenni Fagan or Kirsty Logan, the Comet Seekers is an assured debut.

    Dark Matter, Blake Crouch

    ISBN: 9781447297567

    As Jason Dessen is rendered unconscious by a masked kidnapper, he is asked whether he’s happy. When he wakes up, everything has changed and he has apparently been plunged into an alternate universe where he is a celebrated genius. But how can he get back to his wife and child? Do they even exist? Dark Matter is an excellent twisty-turny sci-fi thriller that is ideal summer reading.

    Purity, Jonathan Franzen

    ISBN: 9780007532780

    Franzen has always been brilliant at drawing complex characters and Purity is no different. Dickensian in scope and scale, Purity follows Pip on her quest to find her true identity across the globe, encountering many memorable characters along the way. With his wry observations on middle America, Franzen shows he is still at the top of his game. Now in paperback, Purity will be essential reading this summer.

    Watching Edie, Camilla Way

    ISBN: 9780008159016

    Edie and Heather are best friends. Edie is everything Heather has ever wanted. Until one terrible night when everything changes and not only is the friendship destroyed, but their lives are altered forever. Sixteen years later Heather turns up just when Edie needs her most – coincidence? A gripping psychological thriller full of the plot twists we’ve come to expect from the genre, this year’s Girl On A Train or The Ice Twins.


    Alpha, Bessora & Barroux

    ISBN: 9781781125816

    A very timely reminder of the refugee crisis that is engulfing Europe and which sadly we in Britain have apparently turned our backs on. Alpha is a classic graphic work, charting the story of one boy’s journey from the heart of Africa to Europe. This is a beautiful collector’s edition, endorsed by Amnesty International and with an introduction by Michael Morpurgo.

    An Elephantasy, Maria-Elena Walsh

    ISBN: 9781782690993

    From Pushkin’s Children’s comes a delightful chapter book, ideal for more confident younger readers. Told in first person narrative, this story of a nervous elephant named Dailan Kifki who is adopted by a family is a wonderful, fantastical tale that will charm and delight readers of all ages!

    The Great Aaa Ooo, Jonny Lambert

    ISBN 9781848692756

    One night in the forest the creatures all hear a very strange noise. They all climb a tree to stay safe, but what is making the Great Aaa Ooo – a monster or someone a bit more familiar? Told with great rhythm and rhyme, and beautifully illustrated to boot, The Great Aaa Ooo is going to be a hit at story-time!

    We Love Dinosaurs, Lucy Volpin

    ISBN 9780857636133

    Everybody loves dinosaurs and in this great new book we can learn some great fun facts about them! From the biggest to the smallest, stripy, spotty and everything in between there is something here for everyone, all told in in rhythmic rhyming text and strikingly illustrated by Lucy Volpin herself. Perfect for budding palaeontologists.

    Yours Sincerely, Giraffe

    ISBN 9781927271872

    A penguin and a giraffe become unlikely pen-pals in this beautifully written tale from Japanese author Megumi Iwasa. Giraffe cannot imagine what penguin looks like, so he sets off to meet him with the help of an albatross and a seal. A story of unlikely friendships told in a simple yet classic style, with line illustrations to help, this is perfect for early readers. I absolutely loved this book and cannot recommend it highly enough.